Being good enough.​


I wake up with them every morning and sleep with them every night, they are a gift from my parents yet they are undesirable in the eyes of those whom I spend my day with. Wherever I go, my dusky skin, childlike face, and skinny frame become the subject of people’s interest. The attention our bodies get all the time, no matter to which category we belong, is enough to wreck our nerves with anxiety, self-consciousness, low confidence and what not. It isn’t  a fat person’s nightmare only, thin people share it too.The world would be a better place if so many people were not drunk on hatorade and would refrain from calling names to others whenever and however they wish to. It starts right within our houses where a dusky complexion or a blunt nose is frowned upon. It is followed by a foretelling of poor marriage prospects for such a person in the house. I’ve been called the silliest and quite hurtful names all my life just because I am skinnier than the average expectation of society. From unknown persons to family and friends, they all have said something -in good humor- which hit me somewhere in the chest every time without making a noise and left me doubting my potential to do a hundred other marvelous things which have nothing to do with my height, weight or color.

Below is a capture from Indian VJ and Actor Gurbani Judge’s Instagram where she retaliates at all that is commented under her pictures on social media. From Mtv Roadies till Zorawar she has truly evolved and most of it is visible under the aegis of her body ink and well-endowed muscles. People have been calling her all sorts of name and  but she is unfazed and ever more determined to continue living the way she likes to. Women like Bani J who overlook negative criticism and focus on the things that matter are inspirations for anyone who is struggling with body image issues.


The things we see on social media each day can go beyond entertainment and actually give us a few things to learn. You never know who else is living the same story as you in another part of the city or the world. What is your story? Come share with me in the comment box below. I’d love to hear. Like and share and spread body love.

Take Care,

Peace Out.


6 thoughts on “Being good enough.​

    • Thankyouuu ! 😍 this comment made my day.. I had to check twice babbar hi hai na 😜 and more such stuff like this coming up next week so stay tuned 😘


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