5 Good Wattpad reads

A global community of writers and readers where publishing and reading are free and unrestricted and anyone who has a passion for writing or desire to indulge in a good book  come together and that virtual space is known as Wattpad. Access it through your web browser or the mobile app to get thousands of novels written by amateur writers. I’ve been a Wattpad reader for past 6 months now and here is a short list of my favorite reads (in no particular order):


  1.  Dead in Bed by Bailey Simms (parts 1 and 2) by Wattpad user @Adrian_birch : Set up in a small town which gets infected with a deadly sexually transmitted disease turning people into lethal crazy sex fiends leading to ruining of hundreds of lives, this mystery-thriller is bound to make you bite your nails with a cliffhanger moment at the end of almost every chapter. It’s protagonist Ashley stakes her life to save sick people and you’ll surely be able to relate her. The writer used a pen name to conceal her identity and the reason for doing so is revealed in numerous Author notes scattered throughout the book.Screenshot_20160719-231227(1)
  2. His Playboy Ways by @bookworm_tina : This is a story of two childhood best friends who separate and meet after years only to become enemies but their relationship takes numerous twists and turns throughout their high school years and the years ahead. It’s a heartwarming tale that will evoke feelings of love, gratitude, loss, hatred, jealousy, and every other emotion a teen goes through. Also, it’s full of drama to keep you entertained throughout. Its readers believe this story could be made into a successful movie or a TV series.Screenshot_20160718-120943(1)
  3. Thicker Than Blood (book one) by @thethornsofmylife : The first few chapters felt like every other vampire-human love story but as I turned the pages an assortment of new mythical creatures-shapeshifters- showed up which only added to the entertainment. The writer’s style is expressive and helps you vividly imagine each scene. Go for this one of you like to read quality fantasy-fiction. Screenshot_20160719-231150(1)
  4. Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by @christiecraig : The title to this book is a bit too suggestive and the reader would expect to find a desperate divorcee who eats single men alive but as you dig deeper into this story of a divorcee living alone who is attracted to a cop, you can’t help but fall for this unusual couple. The police guy here is a total charmer you’ll adore and the single photographer is a woman you’ll cheer for. Their romance might set your expectations bar higher.Screenshot_20160715-214153
  5. Trapped by @sallymason1: This book chronicles the journey of a rape survivor from a self-loathing victim chained to the heavy trauma of agony,pain, and exploitation to a compassionate strong woman who tracks down her rapist and further fights against sexual abuse. Sally Mason does a great job at keeping the readers on their toes and the story does not end where you expect it the most hence making it a lengthy yet unpredictable saga.


Most of these books were finished easily in a day or two and the Wattpad app serves as a good eBook reader with a simple interface, offline archives, night mode and font size control hence making it perfect for enjoying a short and crisp read over the weekend or during a journey. These 5 amazing young writers and their wonderful stories deserve an applaud. Do give these a thought especially if romance, mystery-thriller, and fiction appeal  you. Share your thoughts on these books and your personal favorites on Wattpad with me in the comments bar below.

Take Care. Peace Out.


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