20 Things about me!

#1. I find reptiles extremely creepy.

#2 .I hate when people smear birthday cakes on each other’s faces. It is gross and it is wastage of food.

#3. I have quit smoking of all sorts. I already disliked cigarettes but now I have quit Sheeshas too. Smoking is dumb.

#4. I am not pet-friendly. I take hours to get comfortable around dogs.

#5. I wish I had more friends but I’ve almost forgotten how to make any.

#6. I regret a lot of fights I had with my friends earlier in life and I still think about many of them even if they don’t know it.

#7. I am trying to stop swearing and using bad words too much.

#8. I wish to learn driving but I am secretly underconfident and evidently lazy about it.

#9. I could never learn to ride a bicycle and to swim. I really wish I could.

#10. Whenever I worry about something before I sleep or I don’t have a good day, I get nightmares about things I fear the most, betrayal being the top most that give me a headache the next morning.

#11. I am a follower of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

#12. Dr. Daisaku Ikeda and Barack Obama are my favorite leaders.

#13. I have fangirl moments too. Ranveer Singh, Mariano di Vaio and Siddharth Malhotra are my current obsessions.

#14. I wish I had given more efforts in sports. It’s the best thing one can do while in school.

#15. I took my first resolution this year and I am still sticking to it. I am trying to my hair long seriously for the first time. 4 months to go!

#16. I wish I could reverse time and punch all those who bullied me in their jaws but hardships make me what I am today.

#17. I have a bad habit of not eating till my stomach gets full. I need to take food seriously.

#18. I think body positivity, self-love and  happiness need to be taken seriously. Positive Image of one’s own self can do wonders and let one focus on other things that matter.

#19. I fantasize about having great strength. I think being skinny all your life does that.

#20. I love burgers.

I did this list in half an hour and it was fun. Have you done such a list? Yes! Share with me. No? Do it now and share with me. Do it on your blog, Facebook or Instagram or wherever you like. I promise it feels nice. How many points do you think are similar between you and me do let me know. Keep sharing, commenting and spreading the love.

Take Care,

Peace Out.


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