A letter to Sunshine

As I write this, I am a couple of months past 19 years and hence at the end of my teenage phase.

All these years are filled with precious memories, some as sweet as the first mango of every summer and some hurt just as sleepwalking into a wall. Being the middle child between two brothers I could never share much of my thoughts and problems with either of them or my parents. Throughout my teen years, I relied heavily on my childhood best friend who was not much wiser than myself and on my own experiences, learning from what I observed around myself. I wish at that time I knew how much of my observations are to be taken seriously, how much of the free flung advice is good enough to be followed. Alas, I have no time turning gadget, therefore, I’ll settle with this letter to my younger self whom I now see in many younger girls around me but I am unable to reach out to them. 


Dear Miss Sunshine,How are you doing today?I hope the pesky little pimples don’t bother you much.And is your hair staying in place with straightening as such?Don’t murder your tresses with torture, oh no!Or rub lemons over zits because internet told you so.You might feel these are good for youBut only mum can tell you what’s the best to do.Trust her with all your heart and life,For she is there to take up all of your fights.She spots your foes from miles awayAnd keeps all dangers always at bay.Did no one tell you, you’re the daughter of the Sun?And the boys you chase won’t be half as fun?You are a princess, no ordinary one,Don’t forget all the homework that has to be done.Work hard and toil all day and night,Brighten yourself with all your might.Your mission lies right in this place,To bring a smile to every face.To teachers and parents always be true,A color deeper than the indigo’s blue.When you sit to study, don’t be in a hurry.To take an exam is the smallest of worry.Do your own thing and be unapologetic,Lock all your bullies in your grandma’s attic.Nobody can ever put you down,Wear your heart as your golden crown.Feed on knowledge’s leaves like a caterpillarFill your mind with wonders interstellarDifficult times will soon pass by,Let your cocoon crack and come out as a butterfly.You might want to buy the smartphone all new,But don’t forget the art and sports around you.The moment right now is pleasure and bliss,These golden moments you’ll some day miss.Cherry, plum, damson or peach,Bloom with pride everywhere you reach.In all walks of life, I’ll be there for youWhen you write your golden story in victory’s hue

So here it is. My first free verse


at Poetry. How did you like it? Should I be trying more such ? I’d love to hear your views in the comment section below.

Remember, where ever you are right now is not forever. So make sure to bring the best out of it. More power to you !

Take care. Peace Out.


7 thoughts on “A letter to Sunshine

    • Thankyou so much Harsh ! Even I had no idea that I could do this.. It just happened and I though of posting it. Your comments mean a lot!


  1. This one was too good.it really gave me strength and made me think different. I think you should do more.I appreciate your work.all the best.


    • Hey Priya! Thankyou so much for the appreciation. It makes me glad that you liked it so much. And yes, more like these will be coming up.


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