I have got something to share.


Well, it is no secret. That is what I am here to do with each post.

And today, I am a little more excited as I have finally decided upon a couple of things like the title and the logo for my blog. Read along for a sneak peek into the mind of an amateur blogger.

Getting The Knack Of Blogging.

The short journey that I have traveled on this platform has been encouraging and exciting. I started off without any central thought in my mind regarding my nichè and decided to go with the flow. Meanwhile, I kept researching on the internet to fully understand how blogging actually works. With time, I have realized that a blog can be about anything as long as it is valuable to the readers so that they wish to return to it again.

Stirring things up.

“I think I’ve had enough of the Blogging 101” I thought as I stood up from my desk determining to take some action. I took up the task of deciding upon a suitable title for my blog and after a couple of hours of contemplation and a cold coffee, I finalized “ScoopDivvy” and sealed the deal by changing the URL on WordPress and my Instagram handle. I’ve also made a list of topics that I’ll be writing upon in the near future *pats own back*.

Coming back to the title, well, it basically means to “share something”. I love this because I do not wish to streamline the choices I have. One day, I’ll be writing about choosing a career, the other day it can be about faith followed by food and so on. I am not a strict follower of any trend or thing particularly and I follow whatever I like and as long as it holds my interest. The purpose of writing is to evolve as a writer, explore and share stuff that I have come across and voice my opinion about whatever I wish to. Of course, we’ve got Facebook and Twitter for that, but I prefer WordPress as I do not believe in adhering to the word limit and nobody would read my 734-word long status each week.

Cracking tough nuts.

As soon as I tell people that I have a blog, a string of questions and assumptions are hung in the air. The first thing they assume is that I must be a fashion blogger *sighs*. One asked me why have I changed my username on Instagram to..err ..Scooby Doo, and likewise.

I hold on to my patience and answer and explain it all to everyone. My blog title might not come across as the catchiest one and my articles might be too long sometimes. The good part is that people do take out time to read blogs as I could never identify many avid readers in my circle. I know I have a long way to go I blog because I love to write. I blog because I am preparing myself for the Golden Story I wish to write.I blog because I have a scoop to divvy up.


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