6 Must Have Apps for All

Take a quick look at this list of 6 incredibly helpful apps that help you write.


I’ve been using my smartphone and computer to write blogs, articles, short stories and assignments for the past 6 months and I have come across 6 apps which fulfill the needs of a writer or even a student because we all need inspiration and comfort while we create any content. Read along to find out more.


A friend recommended Grammarly as he discovered about my blog suggesting that I could use it. Not that my grammar was bad but the app is almost necessary to anyone who wrote something using a computer. All you have to do is log on to www.grammarly.com and upload or copy-paste the paragraph/article that you’ve written to the window given. Within seconds your data is processed and every single glitch in the content is underlined in red along with corrections or better suggestions to replace the mistakes with.

grammarly-review1So you can basically proofread the content and polish it to look better and it’s quick and saves a lot of time and effort. The saddest part is that Grammarly is available only on the desktop browser. However, big pieces are mostly written on a computer, therefore, users are not bothered much.  Even if I write something on my phone, I make sure to open it on my laptop and run it quickly through Grammarly and perfect it grammatically. The worst mistake and aspiring writer or even a student can make is silly error making a fool out of themselves. It’s simple to understand and will soon become an indispensable tool at work.


Evernote serves as a virtual notebook where you can quickly note down your thoughts, important messages, clip pictures, web links, save entire web pages and lots more. I read about this app in a newspaper and instantly downloaded it and it’s been on my phone since then. The user interface is simple and clean providing focus on content and not distracting the user. You can access saved files anywhere by logging in and also work chat with your colleagues using Evernote.


I can organize my day with easy to-do lists and save my ideas in different notebooks/folders. A quick guide which is always available offline is a great help if you’re stuck with a feature and a few basic writing tools like bullets, numbers, lists etc provide it the edge over the basic inbuilt memo app in Android phones. Being able to save web pages just as they are in my Evernote notebook has changed the game for me as I read and research online a lot and it’s difficult to keep track of all the awesome pages I come across. I can easily access them offline anytime of the day. Easy online sync gives ease of accessibility all the time and you’ll no more lose the inspiration you get at the oddest hours of the day.

3. Dictionary.com app

I’ve been using this one in both app and desktop browser versions for as long as I can remember. It’s highly informative yet the word meanings are short and crisp alongside snippets on origin, history, usage, and lots of other facts. This app contains a thesaurus holding a treasure of synonyms and together both these tools immensely enrich your vocabulary.


A thesaurus comes handy when a word needs to be replaced with something similar and apt to avoid repetitions which tend to bore the reader. It’s quick, detailed, smooth and is never making its way out of my phone. Both dictionary and thesaurus can be accessed online only but they’re worth it. A person who strives for excellence would never miss this app.


My affair with Pinterest started when I started searching for ideas on hairstyles, paper quilling and various other crafts and fashion trends a teen is usually engrossed with and I am a regular to this site since then.

Capture123Pinterest is a huge network or virtual pinboards where users ‘pin’ their ‘interests’ either privately or for others to see and the interests ranging from all things fashion to art, business, writing, literature and what not! It’s a DIY haven and all the ideas are shared in the form of pictures which are either cover images to the actual story/article, an infographic or a how-to guide. It’s available in both desktop browser and mobile application versions and if done right, Pinterest can help your blog reach places by generating views and helping people find you as it redirects to the actual source of the image. All the happening news about your interests under one umbrella served beautifully as attractive-self-explanatory banners make research and finding inspiration absolute fun!

5. Mindly

Keeping a track of all your plans and projects becomes difficult especially when you have lots of them under progress. The Mindly app is perfect for jotting down and organizing your ideas and plans by ‘mind mapping’ them.

Mind Maps are interconnected webs of tabs that hold  text or images which can be color coded and labeled. It’s complex to understand at first but once you get the hold of it, it becomes super easy and fun to create mind maps and navigate through them whenever you need. Adding more components and editing them is easy.


Bored during a journey? Stumbleupon. Sleepless nights? Stumbleupon. Looking for inspiration? Stumbleupon! Just log on to Stumbleupon.com and select your interests. Hit the Stumble button and this site will browse through hundreds of web pages online to bring the most interesting pieces of information like images, gifs, audios, videos, articles, news and lots more. Kill boredom, enrich yourself with knowledge, save pages for reading later on and share stuff with your friends online. I have this app on my phone and I have found so many wonderful tips on writing and arts and I want to try them all.


Which of these are you going to try? What are your favorite apps? Share with me in the comments box below and don’t forget to like and share this with your friends!

Take care,

Peace Out.


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