For the sake of all things nice.


Holaaa Amigos! I am back with another journal and it’s on my Friendship Day 2016 which was indeed the truest friendship day ever.

It was one of those days which happen unexpectedly but turn out to be cooler than what you’d actually thought. Growing up, especially after one turns 16, does a whole lot of crazy things to your life and sometimes it takes years to set things right after you get used to all the big changes like choosing a career, socializing, boys, making other friends and the biggest of all- time management. You’d find new people, new interests, new struggles and carry on believing that life is going on but as they say, old habits die hard and all that you left behind makes a comeback bringing back memories of the day you met, the fun, the promises made and the great fall out. Fights, break-ups, misunderstandings happen all the time but what matters is how you let those affect you. Do these incidents leave you overwhelmed, bitter, agitated or do you try to  delve deeper and look at the other side of the picture to find out what went wrong and where? Because this is where most situations slip out of our hands making us disregard the feelings of others, doing what we feel is right by judging from our limited perspective followed by regret when realization dawns upon after the fire of anger dwindles to ashes of remorse. Still, its never too late to look back and see everything in a new light keeping prejudices and judgements aside because moving ahead and leaving eveyone behind is only going to make you end up lonely. Make a call, catch up with those old friends, ask them how is life going on at their end and apologize or forgive without much ado. Trust me it does wonders!


All that I share with you is a first hand experience with two of my oldest school friends where all three of us took a step ahead to recreate what we had years back. We left behind what had happened carrying only what matters -Love, Fun and Laughter. Below is a glimpse of my day featuring Itisha Kalra (my first and bestest friend) and Mohita Sareen (the most entertaining person), have a look..


A lunch date at Qubitos, Rajouri Garden, with these two gave a chance to catch up on a hundred different things and laugh our hearts out with almost 50 pictures (yeah, that sounds big to me). Qubitos is a fun place with its old school charm, groovy music, friendly staff, good food and sunlight pouring in through the glass doors to light up your selfies.


Wait no more and take a step today because tomorrow never comes. You never know  who is missing you by their side, you don’t know what all can you discover if you give up on judging people. And if you need a push then I am here to do it, all you have to do is comment down below. Share with me your stories of friendship, trust, discoveries you’ve made and everything that you wish to. Don’t forget to like and share!

Take Care,

Peace Out.



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