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FUNKY/DORI by Yashu Goyal.

I recently stumbled upon a cute maxi dress that instantly became a favourite for summers. On further stumbling I found about the manufacturer of it. Read on to know more about this new player in the market.


Where most of today’s apparel brands focus on easy casual and party wear, Funky/Dori is one brand that gives women a new choice with a curated mix of clothing and accessories that reflects their personal style and keeps them comfortable. Continue reading

Beauty, Makeup and Hairstyle : Is it Your calling ?

The idea of working as a makeup artist or a hairstylist used to appeal me in those days when I had just given my class 12 Boards and was filling out College applications. During that period, I had done my fair share of research on taking this occupation up as the means of livelihood. Here is a summary of  the information I gathered which will answer all  the questions you might have in mind. Also, you need not be a school pass out like me as this option is open for everyone. Continue reading